The Illinois Bass Anglers Team up with Cub Scouts, Weblos and Boy Scouts of Pack 436 of Orland Park for a Fishing Extravaganza!




It was a beautiful setting at Lake Sedgewick in Orland Park for a fishing extravaganza!  Pack 436 of Orland Park was having this outing to get their Merit badges in fishing. The Illinois Bass Anglers and their sponsors stepped in to make this an experience that they will never forget. I think the kids gave the Illinois Bass Anglers an experience that they will never forget. We have hosted kids fishing days before for the last 5 years and this one will never be forgotten. We helped so many kids catch their first fish ever and they helped us realize why the children are the future. The event was Organized by Dawn and Craig Gowgiel of Orland Park, The Illinois Bass Anglers and their sponsors, Strictly Fishing of Plainfield, Setyr Rods, McCoy Mean Green Line and Imagination Graphics of Park Ridge provided 28 rod and reel combos, bait and tackle boxes for each of the kids but they didnít know they were going to keep their fishing poles until the end of the event. It was like Christmas in June seeing their faces! That was the second biggest thrill anyone witnessed that day. The first thrill was seeing their faces after catching their first fish and then taking a picture of it and then releasing the fish alive.


The well planned out event started out with a Seminar from Robert Bobich the President of the Illinois Bass Anglers assisted by Jim Riordan for the visual effects. The children and there parents received a printed version of the demonstrations and seminar. The children learned how to tie the Palomar knot, fish identification, how to set up their fishing poles, fishing regulations and how to measure a fish to see if it is legal.  What to do if you accidentally hook yourself or someone else and how to get the hook out. We informed them where fish like to hide and how to use the wind to your advantage. There was a question and answer segment for the children and parents and an overview of the 2 basic rod and reel types and casting demonstrations.


The Illinois Bass Anglers had club Members: Kevin, Stacey, and Stephanie Seme, Jim Riordan, Curtis Newton and Robert Bobich present to lead groups of eager scouts on their fishing extravaganza! We split into groups and the thrills began and the bobbers spent more time under water then above! Cameras were smoking and so was the fishing! Did I say fishing I meant to say catching these scouts are quick learners. It may be a bad thing they caught so many their first time out they will be disappointed when the action isnít fast and furious.


We had a quick storm pop-up and the scouts know not to fish when it is lightning outside, they really do catch on quick. These kids and their parents were great people to be around it was a shame we had to stop fishing. The timing was perfect because the Gowgielís had our hot dogs ready for dinner. After dinner there were awards for the first fish, the biggest fish the most fish. Every scout in attendance that night went home with a rod and reel combo to keep as well as some lures. Looking back on the day we were suppose to give the kids a fishing lesson and the scouts of pack 436 gave us a lesson in life and some experienceís  we will never forget. Spend time with your children they grow up so fast and they are our future.